7 Horses need YOUR help!!! image

7 Horses need YOUR help!!!

This extremely bonded herd of horses will be separated if we don't act now!!!!

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$26,250 goal

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Do you care about the plight of horses in need?

Are you looking for a way to contribute and give back?

Then we need your help!

We know of a unique situation involving a family of 7 horses, several of them related (mom’s with adult babies), that have recently been removed from their home by Animal Control officers and are in a temporary holding facility. Overcrowded and temporary facilities can lead to extreme stress and even illness. The horses are now the property of the state, and once all the dust has settled, they will become available for adoption.

DrQ has been caring for these horses for years, and is intimately familiar with the case and the unfortunate situation.

The tragedy of all this is that they will all be separated and adopted out individually, even though DrQ has been in constant contact with the previous owners, and the local DA’s, regarding her willingness to adopt them all and bring them to the ResqRanch where they could live out the rest of their lives together, as a family.

Most of the horses are elderly and not great candidates for a new lease on life with new owners let alone being introduced into a new herd. Some of them were born on the property and now in their late teens (horses live an average of 25-30 years) have been traumatically trucked off the premises for the first time in their lives. Again this is extremely stressful for them.

Because we are familiar with the animals, and are a new facility that has the space, the kindest thing for the ANIMALS would be for them all to be adopted together and live out the rest of their natural lives as a family, how they are used to, and as educational ambassadors for the ResqRanch. Our programs are built to always take into account the emotional state of all animals and we can provide them with the support they need during this stressful transition.

The most amazing part is, we can provide this truly unique, special situation, with YOUR help! If we can get just SEVEN people to sponsor one of these horses, or even a group of friends who can come together and commit to just $250 a month for the remainer of the horses natural lives, then we will have the financial means to make this miracle situation a reality for these animals.

The future of these animals depends on us!! When you commit to becoming a monthly sponsor you are changing the world for horses in need.

If you are interested in sponsoring one of these horses, please email us right away at info@resqranch.org. We have to get at least 7 sponsors to make this miracle rescue a reality. We have to act fast before these horses are separated from the family they have always known. You can make an impact TODAY!!

You will be a true Miracle Maker if we can come together as a community to make this rescue a reality and create a situation for this family of animals to stay together. When you become a sponsor you will get email updates about their progress, and can come visit with them on site! Your heart will be full knowing that YOU personally helped make this once in a lifetime situation, a reality, for this special group of horses.

Won’t you please consider becoming a sponsor or a monthly donor to help us get the support theses horses so despetrately need.

Thank you and God bless! DrQ and the Crew of Aspen Park Vet and the ResqRanch