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ResqRanch Fencing and Repairs Fund

We Finally found a permanent home for the ResqRanch !!

$12,700 raised

$25,000 goal

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We are fundraising to help take better care of the horses!

The ResqRanch is happy to announce that as of October 2022, we have purchased and moved into the official permanent home for the ResqRanch!

This accomplishment has been years in the making and was not an easy one. We thank all of our supporters for helping us along the way!

With that being said this is just the beginning of fulfilling our mission.

"Through education, end the need for shelters and rescues (and mustang holding pens) in the first place! Our Vision is to create a safe place for people of all ages to engage in a therapeutic bonding with animals to support mental health!"

Our new facility will allow us to offer more mental health opportunities for people of all ages, whether you are an experienced horse owner, looking into adoption, or just want to learn more about bonding with animals using Positive Reinforcement Training.

Not only will we be able to provide the community with more education about positive reinforcement training, but we will also be able to provide a safe haven for both animals and people. Mental health is important to us and one of our goals is to create a safe environment for people that are struggling. Bonding with an animal and providing them with care is extremely therapeutic, and we want to become a place where you can feel safe, welcome, and empowered!!

The first step to making all this happen is getting our new facility into tip-top shape to ensure the safety of all the animals in our care and the people who love them.

While we are extremely grateful for finding our forever home, this property is a fixer-upper and a diamond in the rough. In order to get our property to its full potential we need your help!!!

Please consider donating to this cause, your donations to this campaign will go to repair the barns in which the animals currently live. As well as improving indoor living conditions to the highest standard, we will be upgrading outdoor living conditions by repairing and purchasing fencing to allow for the best pasture conditions and training arenas.

Monthly donations will be directly used to provide our animals with food, shelter, training, and veterinary care every month. No donation is too small, we appreciate you and all of your support.

With Deep Gratitude, Dr.Q and the ResqRanch crew